A golf score of six over par on a single hole. (i.e., sextuple bogey)

First appeared on a 2007 PGA Championship blog run by ESPN.com's Jason Sobel.
On the green in regulation plus eight putts... that's a sexy.
by vesa007 August 15, 2007
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1. The generic meaning, sexually appealing
2. Used sarcastically to describe something ugly, annoying, lame, extra, basically 'unsexy'. Usually used to diss something/someone.
1. ''Shit, Omar is so gorgeous, his lips are so sexy''

2. ''Did you see them sexy shoes in Aldo?? I wouldnt get them if they were free''
''Stop fronting with that sexy attitude of yours''
by reemreemreem August 26, 2006
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Used to describe someone who you think is amazingly attractive, beautiful, charming and wonderful.
Jody is like a princess. She is very sexy.
by ravi001 April 24, 2014
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1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué: a sexy novel.
sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality: the sexiest professor on campus.
excitingly appealing; glamorous: a sexy new car
4. Will Sullivan. :DDD
Will Sullivan is a sexy beast and I love him.
by Wiley 8/10/11 August 14, 2011
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Specific troll-mascoted baseball players exceeding the height of 6'2 with a constant 5 o'clock shadow. Gorgeous eyes and a stunning smile. And did I mention a jaw line? ...tall, dark, and handsome.
First name being somewhat common, like 'your average JOE.'
Last name regarding a trade, like Smith, or...BAKER.

The combination of such surname and given name would result in a sexy individual.
by Harvard Ctephenson April 14, 2011
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A word used to describe someone whom you wish to bone, usually not one to describe someone you want to get to know better.
Guy 1: damn that girl is sexy

Guy 2: aw yeah man I have no interest in her other than of her body

(And I'm a guy so don't hate on me and accuse me of sexism this is my subjective definition of the word)
by The truther of truthiness October 31, 2014
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