When a person thinks you're so awfrible that hate just doesn't cut it.
@chaos_control on twitter: insert bad take here
random gdtwt guy: please break my back and have my kids you sexy ass bitch
by MindLockAERO October 29, 2021
Something that Vero has.
Vero has That Sexy Ass.
Damn girl, what you think you doing? With That Sexy Ass.
by JoseElApaNava August 26, 2022
Tevita Moala Kamitoni
When Tevita wears black shorts for lifting, he looks like a Sexy Beast Ass Nigga
by Lady Farquhar the 69th March 24, 2022
A girl who is unbelievable sexy that you cant help but want to slap that ass. She is the nicest and most caring girl you will ever meet who always does there best for friends.
Hey, have you seen Raes Sexy Ass. I cant imagine a girl like her exists.
by Darring June 7, 2021
Hayden is a girl with a sexy ass and very sus,she’s also a beautiful women with juicy lips 🙈
“Bro have you seen Hayden’s sexy ass??”
“Yes bro she’s so sexy,but too sad she got a bf
by Hayden’s bf February 20, 2022