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A synonym for lesbian, combining the word faggot with the feminine suffix -ette.
She doesn't want on your hoag! She's a faggette!
by Geesta October 24, 2004

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a man's beast; his organ; one's phallus

Origin: A shortened form of the word "hoagie" (which Philadelphians use to mean a "sub" type of sandwich, like the kind they serve at Subway)
DAMN! Bitch want on yo hoag!
by Geesta January 03, 2005

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When you go on an adventure in which you have sex with a shitload of people in a very short time.

Origin: 'Sex' and 'escapade' together.
Me: You know that bitch that got fucked up the ass by a black guy in a movie theater in eighth grade?

Jimmy fuckup: Yeah, why?

Me: She's goin' on buttsexcapades all the time now.
by Geesta December 02, 2004

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A honky who is especially honky-like.
You see da prez on da TV las night?

Yeah, why?

Boy's a honkatonk! Wouldn't know da dark man if we slapt him in da face!
by Geesta January 09, 2005

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