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A sex pie is a person of obvious stunningness, Or someone you wouldnt mind a "bit" of.
"That Jam is a right Sex Pie"
"Jam and Jaccckie are too fine sex pies"
by Jaccckie_pie March 11, 2008
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slang for "ry-ry sex-pie". it is a deliciously and devilishly handsome young man who fails to realise his impact on the female population. modest. often unable to accept when others call him handsome, attractive and sexual. bordering on shy. this man needs to be appreciated and adored. best provided by a "sex-wee"
a female observing this fine creature : "wow! that's one SEX-PIE!!"
by lazy bones July 29, 2006
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A sex pie is a young lady who is delicious and tasty and made largely of sex. She has rosy strawberry cheeks, lucious cherry lips and deep blueberry eyes and I want to eat her buns.

A sex pie is what you call a sexy lady if you are cheesy.
"Who's my little sex pie?"
"Shut the fuck up Kevin. Dickhead."
by Kevinsexpants March 25, 2010
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Pie made of love, care, and poop sex.
The sex pie that was baked by grandma smelled of ass and tomato trees.
by Jenny Watson February 19, 2008
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when you gather up a bunch of hookers and get random guys to have sex with them then while they are busy pour batter all over them then throw them in an oven and bake them then you take it out and feed it to your friends
on the phone
michael:hey ryan i just got done baking a sex pie wanna come over and eat it

ryan:i hope its asian flavor
by thepoopwizard March 16, 2010
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It's when you are dry humping naked and your large bulbus of a penis is between her labia rubbing together and each member is donating a flavor whether it be sugar or spice. If you were to cum in this position (man) you would be cumming on her stomach or your own depending on top or bottom action.
Useing Noxema on the penis helps but can be painful.
Dave wanted to have sex but Ashli did not, so they comprimised into making a sex pie.
by DirtyDogWasher February 15, 2007
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A person can also be referred to as a "Sex Pie" someone that looks "tasty" and you would like to "get some" from.
A term referring to what you would want to do with a particular attractive person.
"i'd tap that he is one fine sex-pie"
"you look so good i could eat you-hell of a sex pie"
"you are the definition of a sex pie"
by romyyyy January 12, 2008
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