7-11. This is a popular term on Longisland, where there is an overabundant amount of 7-11s, so much so that one is never more than 5 minutes away.
"Yo lets walk up to sevs before we blaze"
by fxkyamutha December 04, 2007
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Short for the convienience store, Seven-11.
"Want to go to Sev and get a slushie?"
"Sure, but you're paying."
by senna_trem September 15, 2005
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armenian word for the color black.
aut mart sev maz oony (that man has black hair.)
by sevag August 15, 2005
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An acronym for Saggy Encrusted Vagina. A insult toward girls who are sluts.
She made out with him! OMG shes such a sev!
by noway1415161718 January 15, 2011
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Sev is a good person that teases people yet has a kind heart. He may not know much about people but he try’s he’s best to show he cares for you he jokes a lot and he is kinda annoying but you learn to care for him. He is scared of telling people off when he knows he should. He loves anime has dirty blonde hair and kinda tall(well compared to me he’s tall). He only tells people what he go through if you’re close to him and is a good person if you get to know him. He’s smart and trustworthy and works well in school. But when he’s not doing something important he’s outgoing and funny. And if I don’t go to my friends b-day party I wish him a happy birthday and to get it off my chest now. To my friend Sev .T. I have a crush on you i just pretended that I never did so I wouldn’t embarrass myself it’s either I tell u or never. Thanks for being my friend it was fun. good luck in high school, you will do AWSOME things in the future. From ur friend Maddy .C.
I have a friend named Sev I wanted him to know that he matters to people and that I wish him a great birthday of 2018 and I would also want to tell my friend Sev .T. that I liked him he’s a good guy
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by Maddycute21 June 16, 2018
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