7-11. This is a popular term on Longisland, where there is an overabundant amount of 7-11s, so much so that one is never more than 5 minutes away.
"Yo lets walk up to sevs before we blaze"
by fxkyamutha December 04, 2007
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Dad: hey I’m going to the sev to buy some smokes. Want anything?
Son: yeah grab me an Arizona ice tea
by GOOSE KING January 04, 2021
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Slang for the 7-11 convenience store, most commonly used on Long Island.
"Yo Mike, you wanna hit up sevs before the football game?"
by Mavericklax4 March 27, 2007
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Abrviated way to refer to 7-11.
I'm supposed to meet up with him at the Sev in like 15 minutes.
by KandyKTrenton November 17, 2020
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