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Nancienicoal is an amazing person. She is beautiful and will make you smile within 5 seconds. She loves sports. She is pretty good at almost everything she does. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes can make u blush. Most guys fall for her really quick. It’s hard for someone to earn her trust once you do don’t lose it. If you lose her trust she isn’t gonna trust you agian. She believes in second chances and no more than that. She can make friends really easy. She’s not the girl to be all over boys but to mostly be their best friends. She can be hyper at times but she is sweet. On the outside she acts big and bad. But on the inside she is warm hearted. If you have a nancieni oal in you life don’t lose her because once you do you are going to regret it. She isn’t afraid to fight nobody. But if they don’t mess with her then she is okay. She is loyal, faithful, honest, and will never in her life break the best friend rule. She will try to impress a lot of people. She will try to do her best to make people happy and put hem in a good mood. She has a almost perfect body. And looks like a guys dream girl.
Is that nancienicoal omg I love her.
I wish I can be her future!!
Nancienicoal is really popular!
by Adum March 1, 2019
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to be the first,to allow other people into the same field
yo lazy ass aint do shit, while im out settin up shop
by Adum May 12, 2006
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