a nose ring-one that goes through the cartilege inbetween the nostrils.
wow, her septum ring was BLING-diamonds and gold, girl!
by Bonita~*~! June 2, 2006
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The septum ring is a piercing through the septum, in-between the nostrils. Contrary to some beliefs, it does NOT go through cartilage, it goes through a soft area called the “sweet spot”.
Person 1: I’m thinking about getting a septum ring.

Person 2: I say go for it, unless you’re afraid of needles
by Whothefrick September 12, 2018
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A fake septum ring that clips on. Usually looks VERY real.
Sarah: Come on man, let's get matching septum piercings!

Molly: Dude, my mom would kill me. Although, I could get a faux septum ring!
by Ehhh_no_thanks April 24, 2016
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