She's (Obedient),and (attractive). She can be very (crazy),(shy)and is sometimes afraid to say what's on her mind.She a helpful friend and helps through troubles when needed. She creative and artistic. She try's her hardest even if she knows she won't succeed and won't talked no for a awnser!She is naturally (attractive) but is known for her broken heart
Teacher: welcome our new student seno

Girl: hmm seno looks pretty (obedient) and (attractive)

Boy: I know right seno also giving me that shy and (crazy)vibe to.

Seno: hi I'm seno I have moved from many place I'm (crazy) at times and .....
by Sajounimisty January 5, 2018
Seno is the Director of the Science Division of Second Earth. He is insistant towards the high council about keeping Marlene from being omitted so that she can remain as partners with Yuji on the battlefield.
Seno Miyagi discovers a link between the B-cells and the sleepers, and implements an experiment. Later he learns that there might be a deception by the High Council and organizes "The Ark," an underground organization to stop the experimentation of the B-Cells.

Seno Miyagi is a fucking badass. Definitely one of my favorite characters from Blue Gender.
by Dancing with Fire June 21, 2011
an emo guy with lots of upsets incidents happen thru out his life..
that seno emo isnt it? its a pity..
by steve April 2, 2005
A being that thinks they are top dog. they essentially think they are the shit when they wear a K-mart fit. Senos are usually racist and hang out in groups around telstra shops and K-mart.
holy crap! Watch out for that bandit (seno)
by The K-mart Bandit August 31, 2020