4 definitions by Jack Beverage

A slang expression used for a spliff,consisting of marijuana. Deriving from Jazz singer Finley Quaye.
"Hey Louis,where's that jumbo finley?"
by Jack Beverage March 15, 2005
Game played between friends,which consists of whacking eachother in the genital region with hand held items when un-awares.
ie. watch,fizzy drink bottle,
Upon hitting someone in the testicles with an object:

"Scrotum Tap!! Hahahahaha"
by Jack Beverage March 17, 2005
A lay-about youth,who refuses to wash,get a job and conform with society. Meaning a rag to clean a penis. most commonly used as an insult between youths.
Said by James Routledge

"See you later cockrags!!"
by Jack Beverage March 15, 2005