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Short for "Thank you". Used to express gratitude to someone for their actions.
Britta: (conducting marching band) Horns, ready, UP!

Everybody: Thanks Britta!
by percussionist69 October 31, 2011

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(n) A widely-accepted concept which states that individuals who have been affiliated with a group for a longer period of time (and thus proven their dedication to the group) should have priority over newer members in matters such as rank and decision-making. It is applicable to many groups, especially those where such "senior" members have only a short period of time remaining before they are expected to leave the group, but does not work well in other situations.
Simon: Thomas, Justin is mad at me. He doesn't like that I attained a higher chair placement than him in THE prestigious Eagan High School Wind Ensemble!

Thomas: How dare he even consider the idea the chair placements that I so carefully determined could be wrong! Justin, just because you are older than Simon does not mean you have seniority!

Justin: But sir! You know very well that I am by far the most dedicated member of this fine ensemble, and I have been a member for the longest! I practiced for hours to prepare for my audition!

Thomas: I have a prestigious degree in music education from Northwestern! You shouldn't challenge the superhuman hearing abilities of what God gave me. Anyone who thinks they deserve a higher placement because of seniority - well, I hope the door doesn't hit your rear end on the way out!

Jeff: But Thomas, with such a solid audition system, Justin should logically be the section leader, just like I am! Right Brett?

Brett: Absolutely, Jeff! With you as section leader, the logically determined Eagan High School Wind Ensemble Percussion Section is destined for greatness, especially with my highly productive lessons! Unfortunately, because I don't have any seniority, I won't be around next year to see it.

Real Simon: That's a shame, because he was such an experienced instructor - and good looking, too!
by percussionist69 October 30, 2011

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To build upon, enlarge, or increase
Eric: As members of Drumline, we will aggrandize upon the work of our predecessors.

Justin: Wow, Eric, you really have a way with words!
by percussionist69 November 20, 2011

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