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Patent Pending is a ska punk band from Long Island, New York.

Michael Ragosta - Vocals
Joe Ragosta - Guitar, Vocals
Drew Buffardi - Bass
Anthony Mingoia - Drums
Songs from Patent Pending's first album:

1) Congratulations
2) Ever After
3) Sushi James
4) Prom Song
5) Saturday Morning
6) Ahoyyy!
7) Take Me Home
8) Lollipop Ring
9) Monster Ballad
10) The Bolero
by xxxcore July 6, 2006
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Fake pearl are fake pearl necklaces worn by scene kids. They are really long, not like a choker or anything. They're long on purpose, so you can see it. Is usually worn over a brightly colored top or over their polka dot dresses.
Scene kids always wear fake pearls. They're really long, the pearls are usually huge, and they have this cheap look to them, trashy not elegant. Just look at the scene kids on Myspace, almost every scene kid will have a horrible pixelated shot of an underdeveloped highschool freshman in their underwear trying their best to make a seductive face wearing fake pearls.
by xxxcore April 6, 2006
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The very last year of high school. At the end of this school year comes graduation. Most kids are relieved that the hell of homework, drama, friends, and boring shit is over.
YES! I'm finally a high school senior! I've been in the fucking school system for the past 12 years. 12 years of hell! It's over! WOOO graduation!
by xxxcore April 6, 2006
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