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This nigga is loved by everyone. Either you love him and if you don’t you probably don’t know him. He is one of the kindest people you know, he puts others before himself regardless. He is really strong considering his size. People under estimate him all the time. He got hella chicks on the low. He probably doesn’t need you but believe me when I say, YOU NEED HIM.
Sem is a real friend
by Petter123 March 03, 2019
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Abbreviation of "awesem," a slang version of "awesome." used commonly on student film sets in the Chicago area to refer to something extremely cool or pleasing.
- "hey, the car mount is ready."
- "SEM."
by SylviaToo January 23, 2010
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The greatest person in the history of the universe, everyone who meets him wants to be him or be with him.
Man I wish I was Sem!
by Erin Maxwell May 27, 2011
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SEM: Self-centered Egoistic Maniac

A person who has the highest opinion for himself/herself that is very annoying.

Someone who is obsessed with himself.
Person #1: Look at her. She is obsessed with herself.
Person #2: She is such a SEM.
by Jana-Blonde June 29, 2009
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Sem: Semen Eating Monster
A ugly, fat, skanky, female. Most likely has some sort STD, like crabs or scabies. Likes to fuck anything with a penis. An outcast.
a) That bitch is such a SeM, its discusting.
b) Fuck that SeM and her skanky ass.
by kjdfhgfhdf March 07, 2007
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Fucking a girl from both side and giving her a cream pie on all hole sides(mouth,pussy,and asshole)
Dude I sem this chick the hell out her last was lit!!
by Don’t waste time nigga April 20, 2018
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