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Abbreviation of "awesem," a slang version of "awesome." used commonly on student film sets in the Chicago area to refer to something extremely cool or pleasing.
- "hey, the car mount is ready."
- "SEM."
by SylviaToo January 23, 2010
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The greatest person in the history of the universe, everyone who meets him wants to be him or be with him.
Man I wish I was Sem!
by Erin Maxwell May 27, 2011
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Fucking a girl from both side and giving her a cream pie on all hole sides(mouth,pussy,and asshole)
Dude I sem this chick the hell out her last was lit!!
by Don’t waste time nigga April 20, 2018
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SEM: Self-centered Egoistic Maniac

A person who has the highest opinion for himself/herself that is very annoying.

Someone who is obsessed with himself.
Person #1: Look at her. She is obsessed with herself.
Person #2: She is such a SEM.
by Jana-Blonde June 29, 2009
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Sem: Semen Eating Monster
A ugly, fat, skanky, female. Most likely has some sort STD, like crabs or scabies. Likes to fuck anything with a penis. An outcast.
a) That bitch is such a SeM, its discusting.
b) Fuck that SeM and her skanky ass.
by kjdfhgfhdf March 07, 2007
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