Commonly located in business parks across commercial America, these trees blossom in early spring and produce beautiful, multi-petaled white flowers - which happen to smell exactly like semen.
Woman: Hey Darnell, do you smell what's coming from these trees that line the boulevard? I can't seem to put my finger on what it is, but I absolutely love it!

Man: Those are semen trees, Tina. I always knew you were a fucking whore.
by Arthur in Hoboken March 26, 2016
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Another name for the Bradford Pear, and ornamental pear tree. Characterized by greenish-white flowers which smell like a cross between old semen, dirty vagina, and rotting fried shrimp. Common throughout the South, these trees are pleasantly located near eateries and other fine establishments.
Oh darn, there goes my appetite, for the semen trees in front of the South Campus Dining Hall are in bloom.
by tomatoboy April 8, 2005
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Also known as "Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer" trees (or ornamental pear trees). They smell like jizz, especially when in bloom. People plant them all the time around the Bay Area. Yay. Let's make the whole neighborhood smell like used sex rags. Nice one.
"Oh, great. The google parking lot is encircled with semen trees".
by Torsky March 10, 2008
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noun, tree sap or insect honeydew, secreted by insect colonies living in branches. Commonly found on cars parked under a large trees. The liquid is sticky and difficult to remove, residuals are white in colour and can damage paint work when dried. Removal becomes increasingly difficult as the tree semen dries up.
Shit man, that tree tried to inseminate my Bimmer last night, I got effing tree semen all over the bonnet, windscreen and doors.
by Chrisanthynum July 28, 2010
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