thickest gal around. likes to jump sticks with horse heads. gay :)
sellars is thick.
by lucille eliet March 22, 2020
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1 - noun; possibly the most boring device in human existance, tedious and confusing. Will create statements such as "yes, yes, disgruntled goat" and "this ... is the law!"

2 - noun; similar to Satan ... if he were a monotoned transexual.
1 - "Damn Lacey! That paint is about as exciting as The Sellars!"

2 - Speaks for itself: similar to satan ... if he were a monotoned transexual.
by faithful student January 12, 2006
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wookie like creature that loves to drink and smoke
by Anonymous September 8, 2003
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Some guy on Twitter who makes empty claims and hopes that his predictions come out to be true.

Just another one of those “insiders” that love to claim they have inside information. Don’t believe this guy.
Guy: Wow, did you hear that Marcus Sellars predicted the Ice Climbers? Wow, what a prophet!

Smart Guy: Just like he predicted Microsoft characters and a story mode? Yeah, a reeeeeal winner.
by eaarth July 27, 2018
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chill guy if you are ever in need of ket he’s always there for you no matter what.
Marcus Sellars came round just before
by 这么好的 August 15, 2020
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