A selkie is a seal in the water but a man on land. At the full of the moon the selkie rises from the water in foam and spray, takes off its seal skin, throws it aside on the rocks, and dances around mystic fires on the shore. Selkie woman are very beautiful and the men very handsome. That is why when humans in legends happen upon the shore at full moon and see the selkie-people, often they want the selkies to be their mate and steal the sealskins that are lying on the rocks. If their seal skin has been stolen a selkie can never return back to the ocean and becomes a prisoner.

Often in tales the offspring of a human and a selkie have webbed fingers. Over the centuries their human descendents retain a little of the web to remind them that they came from the sea. The legend of the selkie originates from Scotland and also from the fishing coasts of Norway. An old Scottish ballad entitled “Silkie” tells of a selkie-man who falls in love with a beautiful maiden. Usually the tales of selkies are tragic and sad, with a certain longing when a selkie finds themselves in love with a human or the when a human finds themselves desperately in love with a selkie.

If you are ever on the shores of Scotland, turn your face towards the sea and if you listen hard enough you may just hear the ghosts of the selkies and their beloved human laughter and cries rip and wave across the briny sea. And if you do, just think….How many of the people around you are really selkies trapped on land in human form?
Selkie lad- "I may be a selkie but that doesn't matter! I
promise you that somehow I will find a way for us to be together!

madien- "you can't promise any such thing, my love. Don't you see? It is impossible! They will kill you if they find out!"

Selkie Lad- "Come away with me! Let us leave here forever...please!"

madien-"You know I can't...who would care for my dying father?...No... you are a selkie...and I am but a lass on the land...we can never be together!"

Selkie lad-"Please don't say that...I'll find a way! Curse the bloody selkies! I don't want to be a selkie! All I want is to be with ou becuse I love you! You are my true love!
by ocean mist August 13, 2009
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The Selkie (also spelt silkies, sylkies, selchies or selkie folk Scots: selkie fowk) are mythological beings capable of therianthropy. They are water beings that transform into beautiful people when they take of there seal skins.
A good movie about Selkies & Scottish myth is

Song of the Sea
2014 Drama/Fantasy 1h 34m
by Lounny Lounny Lovegood October 17, 2019
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a complete nightmare, usually found in belgium and tend to live in the roofs of houses, like awful rave music and smell
yuck ur just like a selkis
by unknown >.> November 19, 2007
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1. Holy fucking shit dude, i fucking love Selkies: The Endless Obsession, it's my favorite song.

2. -dude i can finally play the Selkies: The Endless Obsession solo.
-no you can't that shit's hard
-yeah i know.

3. Paul Waggoner is the best guitarist ever, he wrote the Selkies: The Endless Obsession solo, and Dan Briggs is the best bassist ever, he wrote all of Selkies: The Endless Obsession except for the solo!
by chingchongnigga October 8, 2008
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Like when they are in a seal form do they play with other selkies or do they like to play at the bottom of the ocean selkies are creatures and when they turn into their human form they like to dance and sing on the beach but they have to be careful to hide from humans
by Ivymerselkielover January 17, 2014
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she is a pretty kindhearted friendly and sweet girl, know you can trust her and she will always have your back. she has a few close friends but is loved by everyone as she is always there.
Girl 1: whos that
Girl : oh thats selkie you can trust her
by feelingstrangeagain June 17, 2020
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When a grown adult male seal clubs a human infant and wears its skin.
Did you hear about emile? Yeah his baby got selkied hard the other day. One day we'll have our revenge.
by Ralph Seal Fan February 2, 2021
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