Hurting yourself on purpose, such as cutting. For some people it's for attention, or the need to feel manipulative, but for most it's because of fdepression. It's a coping mechanism, It helps you deal with strong emotions.
Some people think cutting is suicidal, but it's not.
by ScreamSayonara January 31, 2005
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Self mutialtors often don't liek teh term 'self mutilation'.
People cut themself or burn tehmselves or otherwise harm themselves to get rid of emotions they can't let out. Often they can't cry so they cut. People who do cry and cut just cos their friends do are idiots.
Self hmutilators must not be forced into stopping, this really does not help.
Non cutter: Self harm is wrong
Cutter: It's not wrong, it's just the 'wrong way of going about things' (said bitterly)
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Ok self mutiation isnt the best word in the world but wtf r some of u ppl chattin?!?! its not a way to proove ur an emo or anything like that its just a way some people decide to cope with things. people can cut them selvs or burn themselves etc. it may not be the right way to help these feelings but for the people who do it its all they can do. self harm is kind of like words you cant say. theres no ned to rip down the people who do it cause half the time their ashamed of it anyway and thy dont need others taking the piss.
"self mutilation is like words that i cant say"
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it helps to make people take the pain out that they keep within themselves.
those who feel numb to held emotional pain need to feel something. cutting feels better than all emotional pain.
'It's hard to stay between the lines of skin
Just coz I have nerves, don't mean that I can feel
I wasn't very much fun to be with anyway
Just let the blood run red cuz i cant feel'
by lilcuz December 05, 2004
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A form of hurting. Done to one's self by one's self. Now, I'm not sure about this, there could have been a time when this actually resulted out of depression, but in this day and age, it's becoming trendy, and popular. Everyone refers to themselves as "broken" now. Everyone thinks they have such problems. These people are called WEAK. Now sure, there are definitely people out there who have it pretty damn bad. But now, anything that makes anyone unhappy...they decide "Boo hoo, I'm gonna cut" WTF? Since when did "attempted suicide" become trendy?
"My parents hate me because they said I can't go to the Good Charlotte/Taking Back Sunday concert, so I'm gonna go cut myself so they feel guilty....>:)...I mean boo hoo"
by Marko December 21, 2004
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Quite easily the stupidest thing you could do when you're depressed or angry. Also, it allows emo kids and 12 year old Marilyn Manson fans to prove to themselves and friends that they are hardcore.
1) Look at me, I cut myself, I'm such a manic depressive.

2) Marilyn Manson would be proud! Hail Satan!!!
by Deathfuckingmetal May 06, 2005
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The only pain in which someone can control, bull, it is a way of self-pity, you feel sorry for yourself so you cut yourself.
Guy 1: What's on your arm?

Guy 2: Happy scars!

Guy 1: Are you cuting yourself again?

Guy 2: Yeah!

Guy 1: But why? your not having hard times or anything, your life is perfect.

Guy 2: I just want to fit in and someone told me if I cut myself I'd be cool.

Guy 1: OMG, stop, I have trouble in my life, that's why i cut myself.

Guy 2: OMG, you need to stop.

Guy 1: AHHHH!
by Who The Douce Are You? April 16, 2005
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