A sweet lovely girl! Seham is to die for. She has a gorgeous smile and her beautiful dreamy eyes are charming.

She is so nice and loving to everyone, so if you have a Seham, you're really blessed!
How can you not love Seham? Is there something wrong in your brain?
by Sparkles_ September 18, 2015
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Seham is a beautiful caring girl who can be a bad bitch at times. When she walks pass you know she's a true baddie.

Seham is loved and adored by many and almost everyone wants to be her friend. Every outgoing person who likes to try new things.
How could you not love Seham she's such a baddie.
by Sesedolan January 5, 2016
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a wrinkly old sexoholic grandma who wants to be humped all day long,smells like cat urie and can barely walk
Dude! look at this scik teta seham, she wants a piece of me :S
that teta seham had a wild party last night, she even broke her hips!
by anonymous ROFL March 7, 2009
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to click like on ones' own status, or to be amused by their own thoughts and ideas.
(hannah clicked like on her own status)
hannah: hey sofia, i like to pull a seham ;)
by itshanaish June 20, 2010
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