Professional American football team based in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. Everyone rips on them, but they've been to three Super Bowls in nine years. Robbed in XL, won XLVIII, and lost XLIX. (barely.) They currently have arguably the coolest blue uniforms in the league. Their stadium is a nightmare for visiting teams, because the Seahawks usually win at home, and also because of the constant rain and deafening crowd noise.
Hawks fan #1: "Why didn't the Seattle Seahawks run the damn ball on the one yard line?!?!?"
Hawks fan #2: "It happened. Let it go. At least they weren't robbed by the refs again."
Hawks fan #1: "Yeah... you're right. And having one Lombardi Trophy is a heck of a lot better than none."
by Hawks.Fan.12 May 22, 2019
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(noun) an overly obsessed fan of the NFL team The Seattle Seahawks. They will do anything to help the team, on or off the field. They have been known to seek vengeance on those they see fit.
I heard the Seahawks Nazis were the ones who got Ben Rothlisberger to crash his motorcycle after Seattle lost in Super Bowl XL.
by dirdeed September 18, 2008
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the use of an inflatable pool toy or raft to navigate a river and whitewater rapids; the use of a Seahawk in rafting down a river that contains whitewater;
"Hey man, you want to go seahawking?"
by boofer for life December 7, 2008
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A Seahawk fan is a bandwagon that lies and is known as a cunt world wide
by Tony the sky February 13, 2016
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A football team that defines "mediocre". Their playing style is consistently like Seattle culture, i.e. they play like it would be impolite to ever ram a football down an opponent's throat and win big, because they'd "make someone feel bad". Even the superbowl appearance of a few years ago was embarassing. They're seldom excellent, and in the rare instances when they do well, it's because they're accidentally less bad than anyone else.
"Aw man, I missed the Seattle Seahawks game!"

"Don't worry, you didn't miss much. Like usual."
by PFabian November 26, 2008
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Texas hick living in Seattle with a heavy fascination in pro wrestling internet freaks, beautiful big boned women, and hottest green neon strip clubs in town...Not to mention the best diamonds on the market at the cheapest price.
Dymnd is a interesting personality and the biggest Seahawks fan online.
by D. Ray February 24, 2023
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A seahawk shot is a picture of a dude's junk that he took with his cell phone and sent unsolicited to a chick.
Did you see Brett Favre sent a seahawk shot to Jen Sterger?
by CheedaMagee June 3, 2011
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