The most underrated team in the nfl. With a lot of potental, the Seahawks will bounce back and win a superbowl. Plus they have the 12th man to back them up
Jonah: Hey John, do you like the seahawks chances of making the next superbowl ?
John: If they ditch Tarvares Jackson, YES!!!
by The 12th man fan February 21, 2012
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When the grossly over-favored team or player in a match becomes the recipient(s) of a historical butt-whoopin that will echo through history.
"Damn, Skeeter Peyton is White Girl Wasted!"

"Yeah, he just not used to Gettin Seahawked!"
by rskohawk February 4, 2014
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A kick ass team with the most dedicated fans. The real winners of Superbowl 40.
The Seahawks kick ass!!
by nb2412 October 16, 2011
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Anonymous 1: Fuck you bitchis

Anonymous 2: Fuck you
Anonymous 3: Fuck your mother
Anonymous 4: Fuck you both
Seahawks fan: I love the Seahawks!
by bingzigeegeea April 28, 2022
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To royaly fuck up a lucky, simple, enviable, and/or glorious situation
The Seahawks really Seahawked when they called that pass play
by legit_hitler February 2, 2015
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To steal someones phone whith out them knowing and hack into their facebook page and write an embarrassing profile status.
Did you see Johnnys facebook today? His status said "I just shit my pants in my new car and now the seats are ruined"... hahaha!! He totally got Seahawked by Kara!
by angiesdancin July 19, 2011
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Doing something incredible followed by something absolutely retarded.
You totally seahawked it with that chick. You told her how pretty and amazing she was while staring at another chick's ass.
by thomaspaine February 2, 2015
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