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a jealous dirty person. Dosent wash regularly. stinks like shit.
vitale is a scuzz bucket, he wears the same pants for 2 weeks..
by ralph j January 05, 2008
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Rock music channel on Sky like Kerrang but less commercialised
1. Rocker: "I'm watching Scuzz!"
Normal Person: "You're doing what?"

2. Scuzz fan: "To be a real rocker you have to know at least five bands people who watch Kerrang have never heard of."
by themoron August 20, 2005
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A music television channel which plays a wide spectrum of rock, from indie to death metal, and everything in between. Less corporate than Kerrang!, which usually only show mainstream rock, so it is my favourite music channel.
"There's nothing on Kerrang!, put Scuzz on and see what's on"
by Tomateus August 10, 2005
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Pl. noun ~ Human related dirt, filth. Dead skin, food residue, stinking clothes/bedding, toe jam, nicotine stains, fag ash, shit stains, klingons, soot from traffic or fires, etc.

Not to be confused with natural dirt, soil, grass stains, etc.

Adj. ~ scuzzy = being covered in, containing, looking like, reminding one of or perpetrating scuzz.
Fucking hell, the scuzz! I've lived in cleaner squats than this place, you scuzzy bastard!
by edjog December 16, 2005
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Exclamatory term used to convey a "take that!" message. Also used to gloat or express superiority. Word usually accompanied by chin-stroking gesture.
"Oh, scuzz, he didn't even notice you!"
"Scuzz! I win again!"
"That's what you got for Christmas? Scuzz."
"You never get picked for the good team, scuzz!"
by zeichenpress May 02, 2011
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An act of cleaning, with unreasonable amounts of effort and pain involved; a method for scrubbing a long, flat surface, while running face first, supported by your hands, holding a towel or "scruzzbrush"; a 'game'; a form of punishment typical (and feared) in Marine Corps basic training.
So we wanna play games? That's fine. SCUZZ! SCUZZ!

"Harder, faster, aye sir!"


by Pvt. Shmuckatelli March 17, 2010
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