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When your nutsack becomes very thick,wrinkly,and small. This normally occurs when you are cold. You will know that you have the dome when the ridges on your coin purse are very defined, and you can make a thumping sound by smacking your sack.
Johnny had a scrodome after a cold shower.
by Tads O'Houlihan November 21, 2007
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A mostly bald man with a small patch of pubic-like hair on his forehead.
Shop Keeper in the Mediterranean Food Store:
Excuse me sir will you be buying of the falafels today?

Customer Ahmed: What happened to your hair?!

Shop Keeper: What are you talking about sir?

Ahmed: The top of your head looks like a scrodome - mostly hairless except for a few long curly pubes scattered about.
by scrodomocratic March 10, 2011
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