Past tense of screenshot; commonly misused as screenshotted.
I found the funniest picture today so I screenshat it for you!
by KickasstanedaP June 3, 2014
"Omg that tweet was just so funny so i screenshat it and sent it to Jessica."
by MegCas August 19, 2018
Past tense of the verb 'screenshit', meaning to screenshot an image or comment with the intention to shit-stir
"He screenshat the entire conversation and sent it to her!"
by Ichabod the destroyer February 9, 2016
The best past tense for the verb 'screenshot'. You could say 'took a screenshot', or use the dreaded, wonky 'screenshotted', screenshat is the optimal form to describe what had happened.
I saw the funniest tweet about Elon Musk last night, I screenshat it for you - check it out
by Maria Goldshtein March 28, 2021
Past tense of screenshot because it sounds better than "screenshotted".
Nadia: I screenshat your snapchat story

Kyra: wow thanks.
by Krrrrgrrr August 30, 2017
I saw the funniest pop up on my phone, and i screenshat it for you.
by KimstressKimber January 15, 2022