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When a woman proceeds to sit on your face, and then queefs in your mouth, thus sucking air from her pussy. your cheeks blow up like you are inhaling on a scottish bagpipe, and then you blow out your own tune.
I was eatin' my chick out when she scottish bagpiped the shit outta me. i puked immiediatley.
by realnice6969696 December 15, 2008
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The 'pipes' layys on his/her back with their legs (arms optional) in the air and sphincter presenting. The 'piper' 'pipes' by kissing licking nibbling etc said presented sphincter whilst simultaneiusly reaching around a leg with one arm to fondle tweak wank etc 'pipes' genitalia. Pipe amazing grace for extra stimulation.
The Devo loved it when his girlfriend played the Scottish bagpipes after his team had won at footy.
by DevoMcbagpipes February 09, 2017
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when your tryin to get some lunch from a girls pussy and she decides to drop a pussy fart in your mouth
Nicky gave one of those curtos the scottish bag pipe
by kid from the tree October 28, 2006
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The act of ejaculating into a bagpipe and shoving it down a woman's esophagus or anal cavity with great force while attempting to play a song on the instrument.
Sarah: You know that new Scottish kid? He Scottish Bagpiped me SO hard last night.
Jessica: Oh my god yah, he Scottish bagpiped me in the ass!
Sarah: The weird thing was he actually played a song too.
Jessica: Ya he's a dirty fuck if you ask me.
by xXx_Nut_Meme_xXx November 30, 2016
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When your companion sits in a chair and you stand behind him/her a little off and proceed to have sex with their lubricated armpit.
Me and Gina got wasted last Saturday and we went back to my place where I gave her a Scottish Bagpipe
by Streder May 23, 2008
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