Another word for a crazy bad camel toe, usually used with fat teachers who wear tight pants
Oh, my God! Did you see Mrs. Cabo's Scoop?
by Matty2010 October 11, 2009
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It's when you brush someone under their chin and it means: "you're my bitch". Usually guys do it to each other but there are also:




very common at my school. done a lot between my friends.
Poni: *scoop*

Bambi: don't fucking touch me bitch

Poni: haha!

poni and bambi are people you don't know, so don't try to figure it out...
by skittles914 February 22, 2007
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To quickly steal a small item from someone. Usually done in full view of the owner, and with the purpose of taking them by surprise more than actually obtaining the scooped item.
"...She just scooped my shoe!"
by Azzie February 18, 2003
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when an annoying little kid runs around, palm up, lifting both male and female breast regions. often ends with the scooper receiving a five star from the scoopee.
Bystander: "Dude why'd you give that annoying little kid a five star?"

Scoopee: "Lil' basterd scooped me."
by billythekid18 April 24, 2010
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to take one's hand and make a scoop-like motion on either oneself or another's breasts/nipples/pectoral region.
Fat Man: I really need a scoop of ice cream right now.
Skinny Man: Ok here is a scoop (make a form of cup out of hands and make a scooping motion on either his or his partner's breasts/nipples/pectoral region - since we are talking about a fat man, breasts applies here).
Fat Man: Oh thank you, skinny man.
by maximan April 26, 2011
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-To remove the inner soft bready part of a bagel in order to reduce the amount of carbs consumed

-A person (male or female) who orders their bagels "scooped out", or without the inner soft bready part

-One who prefers their bagels scooped out

-A person exhibiting J.A.P.-like qualities, such as ordering their bagels scooped who is or is not a member of the Jewish faith
-A person who frequents Tompkins Square Bagels in the East Village, New York wearing yoga pants and nike running shoes and orders their bagels scooped
"Can I have a whole wheat everything bagel, but can you scoop out the inside and put lots of tofu veggie spread on...I don't want too many carbs."

"He looks like the type of guy that would scoop his bagels."
"Look at that scoop right there."
by smax615 January 27, 2015
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The act of bending your pointer finger at both joints making a hook shape. This is used to flick across the nipple or to make the bosom of your victim bounce, in an act of agression.
James: Imma scoop you nigga
William: I'd love to see you try.
James *scoops william* "Scoop"
William: MY NIPPLE!!!!!!!!
by Jnasty502 March 14, 2013
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