Very popular cartoon about a dog named Scooby-doo who runs around with his friends Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne, and sometimes his young nephew Scrappy-doo and cousin Scooby-dum. Scooby and his gang have been solving mysteries all over the country since the early seventies.
Scooby-doo: Ruh-roh
Shaggy: Zoinks!
Velma: Jinkies! We've solved another mystery!
Daphne: haha yaaay!
Fred: Good work, gang!
Perpetrator: I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids and you're stupid dog too!
by emilyah July 31, 2008
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(verb) To foil plans or intercept information with a very basic con.
(attempting to uncover where a prisoner is being held)
Kate : "are you taking that to Miles?"
Hurley: "yup"
Kate: "Locke asked me to do it... is he still in the rec room?"
Hurley: "No, they moved him to the boathouse..."
Hurley: "you just totally Scooby-doo'ed me, didn't you?"
by LostieKate August 26, 2009
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another way of saying the name yvonne
Hey! isnt that scooby-doo?!
by shermanator69 October 7, 2008
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Look at that cock in his scooby-doo! I bet it's not even a f****n' turbo, just the 2litre sport with a body kit!
by Gezza T April 9, 2003
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A sexual act. During doggie-style sex the man will put on a scary mask while continuing to thrust. He will tap the woman on the shoulder to surprise her. When she runs away naked the man will proceed to chase her room to room with said mask on. At some point during the chase the man will likely trip due to poor visibility. The woman will roll the man up in an old rug and pull off his mask to reveal his identity.
I wanted to do something special for Cathy so I might try some scooby dooing this weekend.
by EndofLine June 23, 2015
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Cartoon mystery TV show for kids. The "gang" travel around in a colorfully painted van called "The Mystery Machine" solving puzzles.

The gang consist of a talking dog named Scooby Doo, a hippy named Shaggy, a short brainiac named Thelma and two others whose names escape me.

There was also an annoying puppy introduced into the series named "Scrappy Doo", evidentally placed there to try to extend the target audience to toddlers.

As a young boy I figured out early on that nine times out of ten the bad guy was the first person the gang met.

The cartoon were made into two partly non-animated movies. The first one featured the great Rowan Atkinson.
Me: Oh I see you're watching Scooby Doo. I'll bet the bad guy is the first person they met.

My Sister: No way. The first person they met was a cop.

At the end of the show:

Me: See... I told you it was the cop!
by Alfie The Horndog April 7, 2007
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