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A variant of the commonly known Dublin skanger, knacker and scumbag. Many specimens like to wear baseball caps with razor sharp creases in the peak, perched precariously as high as possible on their head, which is entirely shaven except for the fringe. Pathetic looking fluff above the upper lip is a sought after characteristic in a scobe. The latest in Reebok, Nike and Adidas apparel - often fake or stolen - can be usually seen hanging off a scobe.
Look at the tracksuit on that fucking scobe.
by YOREMA July 10, 2003
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Scumbag usually seen on the streets of Cork, Dublin or Limerick. General attire is tracksuit pants, Nike baseball cap, hoody and Celtic jersey for male scobes and pink sweat pants, hoody and huge hoop ear rings for female scobes. All wear too much bling jewellery (Sovvies on each finger, gold chains and bracelets), almost all of which is either stolen or electroplated copper. Also under the delusion that Dutch Gold qualifies as decent beer.

Generally drive Fiat Puntos, Honda Civics or Toyota Starlets with body kits and stripped out mufflers with the delusion that these make the car go faster. Also play their hip hop too loud for anybody with half a brain to put up with. The boy racer is a well-known sub-division of the scobe.

They are hated by all respectable people, but the most deep-rooted rivalries are with grungers.

See also Chav
Some scobe asked me for the cheapest bottle of wine so I smashed his knees in with the mop.
by Snake December 24, 2005
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shittiest friend in the world. will do anything it takes to maintain a constantly decaying self-image, yet has very little self-respect.
Who is that passed out in vomit in your doorway?
it's just scobes. he shat himself too. he might be dead.
by ssssssssss1a1 September 08, 2010
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In Northern Ireland, scobe is used to describe someone who is tight with money and tries to get whatever they can for free
you're a scobe for picking that money off the ground
i'm going to try and scobe a free pint off him
by GM January 29, 2004
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Social underclass of people who believe the following:
1. Tracksuits are a suitable alternative to proper pants
2. Other peoples cars are fair game for taking
3. Getting pregnant at 14 is cool
4. Moustaches can be grown from the age of 12 without looking ridiculous
Ah man, that part of town is full of scobes
by misc-username November 23, 2007
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Adj. a person who is down on their luck and feels content remaining at the bottom of our great American caste system.
See also: scummers
"That dood is such a scobe, he came to town, stole my bike and then left with the carnival."
by Sickter6 February 10, 2013
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Low level gang member, or punk. Also noted as the typical Guard by Terry prachett. They attack the hero of the piece one at a time, instead of overpowering him with their superior numbers. A Scobe is no the lowest of people, but is the most common, useless muck. A Scobe has no great abilities at all. Numerous Scones are identical, and all fail to achieve anything without the direction of their leader. (who or whatever the leader migth be)
No don't get up you stupid scobe, you're on the ground for a reason!
by red December 15, 2004
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