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a word which originated from 'brap' and 'zoop' which is used when one feels like using it. Mainly used in 'North West London'.
"I just made 2 bill from shottin B, scloop scloop"
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Scloop is a loop of a word that’s in motion. It’s a form of communication that can be used when entering a room, saying goodbye, or needing to call someone in a large crowd. It’s sounding off your barbaric yawp in excitement.
We just won the game, Scloooop!

I’ll talk to you soon, Scloop.

Until we meet again, Sclooop.

Look, dolphins diving in the ocean,


Sometimes followed by the words :
Skeeda wada buda kuda scloop
by Groovetown January 19, 2019
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<Action Verb> To scoop the cum from your partners beaver and eat with great satisfaction.
Man 1: Man I sclooped that bitch last night
Man2: How'd dat taste?
Man1: Like sweet cotton candy.
by team awsome April 13, 2006
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