Famous & weird SF writer who was one of the Greats of the Golden Age of SF, eg: the 40's & 50's. Though he was not the greatest master of dialogue, his stories are often quite gripping.

He has added two cool words to the language, grok & the acronym TANSTAAFL.

There is a fine line between Heinlein & the rest.
by moonlymeister January 3, 2006
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Verb - discounting an opinion on the military/police/government institutions because of that person’s lack of service in those institutions.

Origin: “Starship Troopers”, the Robert Heinlein novel where Federation citizens are only fully franchised after two years of Federation service
“You don’t know what you’re talking about, because you’ve never been a soldier

“Why do you have to Heinlein me, bro?”
by Brady Hartzfield March 21, 2021
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Getting an underage girl drunk while pretending to be drunk yourself, and then trying to take advantage of them.
Mike was trying to Heinlein that bitch at the party last night
by Gremlin Team Racing January 18, 2007
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A person so set in an opinion that facts and data will not change their mind. Derived from Robert Heinlein's never try to teach a pig to sing quote.
Antivaccers are Heinlein pigs, no matter how many studies show vaccines are safe and effective, they will insist on not having their children vaccinated.
by Plcf July 14, 2019
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