Guy #1- "I've never masturbated once in my life."

"Dude, whatever!! You know you go home and schwack it like 6 times a day! I seen you!!!"
by Marcos August 29, 2004
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v: To hit, drink, or smoke something.

n: The hit, drink, or puff of said something.
(As a verb): I schwacked my leg off of the desk and it hurt like hell.

(As a noun): Bobby D. took a schwack of my soda at lunch.
by Deez & Beno April 04, 2007
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a word used in times of exterme pleasure, happiness/elation
ex. during a big play at a football game (PSU)
ex. after sinking a shot in beerpong
ex. while fucking a bumpin' biatch
"Schwack, bitch!" (say after you pull your cock out of a womans ass and while "schwacking" her in the face with it)
by The Rediman October 11, 2004
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