Shelley didn't know that her husband was schtupping the next-door neighbour.
by Anonymous January 7, 2003
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(v) To have sex. Pron "Shtoop" ("oo" as in "book") This word is of Yiddish origin. Of note, one never schtups someone else...two people schtup (together).
"What are they doing up there?" "I think they're schtupping!"
by Doc Lightning September 27, 2005
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Yiddish for to have sex with, ie to fuck, to screw.
They were schtupping while people were in the same room!

I could really use a good schtup.
by Yid Girl December 29, 2011
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Entirely screwed.
When he saw the red triplane on his tail, he knew he was schtupped.
by Sean Brian Kirby June 3, 2003
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