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not being close with your bandmate but mutually respect each other by dicking each other down
always in mutual respect @harry_styles, yours sincerely louis

it’s mutual respect, we discussed it
- harry after answering ‘louis tomlinson’ when asked about his first real crush

“we kind of share that, really”
- louis and harry, talking about their mutual respect

harry: "louis, can i give you a b......... bunch of mutual respect?"

louis: respectfully, make sure it’s on my mouth

“when you celebrate your mutual respect with your bandmate by getting a ship and compass, rope and anchor, heart and arrow, and rose and dagger tattoo”
by dan the dick March 08, 2019
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Action of falling in love with someone,also known as a homosexual cover.
Louis Tomlinson has mutual respect for his band mate, Harry Styles, since he was 18 (Harry was 16)”
by Obviously modest! March 10, 2019
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the act of being incredibly, sexually and unconditionally in love with someone.
shit man, harry and louis really have mutual respect for each other
by larrytea March 08, 2019
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When a closeted celebrity are forced to deny a same-sex relationship that is real, they might say that they "mutually respect each other"
“The reality is that there’s always going to be different relationships in the band and you’re going to gravitate towards some people more, but I feel like with that relationship there - I think there’s real mutual respect.” Louis Tomlinson about his relationship with Harry Styles in One Direction.
by simon cowshit March 08, 2019
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when your love towards someone is so hard and timeless that you decide to replace the word "love" with "mutual respect". Or when you're forced to hide your love and you use "mutual respect" as an explanation of the feelings you have towards the being you fell for.
Louis and Harry look like a married couple in the 2012 Paris interview on Valentine's day, maybe that's the reason why Louis was forced to say that there's mutual respect between him and Harry, instead of saying there's love between him and Harry.

Louis and Harry mutually respect each other.

Harry: Louis is a reallt good boyfriend, he treats me with mutual respect.
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Code for an 8 year loving relationship, including a lot of fuckery and possibly secret marriage.
Contrary to Dan Wattpad's beliefs, Harry and Louis have mutual respect for eachother.
by Procrastination 101 March 10, 2019
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