Derived from a situation in which you are cock blocked by an asshole friend. While he is fucking the girl he stole from you, steal his shoes and jerk off on his insoles.
Man, that dick head cock blocked me again!
what'd you do?
I gave him the doctor scholl's!
whats that?
I jizzed all over the inside of his shoes!
I bet he's gellin now!
by MC Barlow March 17, 2008
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one of the sweetest, gorgeous, rich, and successful youtubers that love there fans/supporters very much and would do anything just to go to the mall.
my favorite youtuber is amber scholl, she’s amazing.
by ambersdrug November 23, 2020
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The act of bringing your male partner to climax using only your feet, akin to a hand job.
That girl, Carla, gives mad Dr. Scholls.
by Woodpau March 2, 2014
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She is the most fashionable, pretty girl you will ever see she also knows how to be a badass.
She is the definition of 🌠 stunning 🌠
Friend:did you see Amber Scholl's new fashion video?
Friend:she's stunning
Me:girl she invented the term
by Mini_katrina August 3, 2021
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v. To give a Scholl-jay
Oral sex involving an excessive amount of teeth, causing pain to the guy receiving, and on occasion ruining a good night.
Dude, Michaela gave me the worst Scholl-jay last night.

Roommate 1: What's the matter?
Roommate 2: I just had a terrible nightmare.
Roommate 1: What was it about?
Roommate 2: I was getting reamed and she finished with a Scholl-jay!
by HumanSandwhich February 9, 2010
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