1. verb. To radically modify the appearance of a house or building in such a way as to upset the neighbors.
The verb refers to famous living American artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel who angered his neighborhood in New York City in 2007 by erecting a hot pink high rise residential tower.

2. noun. An inappropriately renovated building hated by its neighbors.
1. verb. That townhouse was so pretty before they schnabeled it.
Oh, no, honey! We would schnabel our house if we painted it lime green.

2. noun. Such as shame what they've done to that place. It's now a big schnabel!
by notfridakahlo August 9, 2007
Wearing pajamas during the day in public or when you go out at night.
I’m going full Schnabel tonight and hitting the club in my new PJs.
by stokemoocher March 9, 2020
Imagine a penis, but 12cm and is on a ladyboy
Black man: My penis is very large.
Victor: oh shit, I only have a schnabel
by SchnabelLover69 November 29, 2021
A person cursed by the misfortune of being attraced to a very cute ladyboy-like boy (of age). In his presence, you might experience uncontrollable urges to touch and caress him, and tell him how much you love him, and want to feel his warmth.
Sigma N: Ayo Benjamin, I am a Schnabel-lover.
Sigma B: Same bro, wanna touch his schnabel?
by NigerianAccentSchanbelLoverBoy November 29, 2021