4 definitions by stokemoocher

An expression originally used by surfers to reprimand beginners or tourists learning how to surf that are a danger to other people in the water. The expression can be used in any setting as the equivalent to telling a person to go away. Works well when used against pushy or rude people.
"Scrub it Kook" (to anyone deserving of the expression).
by stokemoocher September 5, 2015
Wearing pajamas during the day in public or when you go out at night.
I’m going full Schnabel tonight and hitting the club in my new PJs.
by stokemoocher March 9, 2020
A person who enjoys other people's moments of happiness or stoke. Sharing in other people's good fortune or positive moments.
A stokemoocher liked one of my pictures on instagram so much, that she reposted it to her followers.
by stokemoocher October 11, 2018
Only tell your direct reports MVI in order to avoid a negative PR leak or potential lawsuits when discussing highly sensitive matters.
by stokemoocher March 5, 2020