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a shortened version of the word schmoo fuck. can be used the same way fuck can
person 1: dude, hunter is such a schmoof head!
person 2: nowhere near as much as that adriana kid!

person3: what the schmoof?
person 4: i dunno

by AUEHTCEUGTV December 20, 2005
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The sweat on your gooch.

(Thing between your balls and ass)
Dude that run was so hard, ahh, i schmoofed myself.
by KayJay17 April 27, 2009
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Obtains any meaning that the user chooses. Definitions can be implied by context, usage, and tone of voice.
"I totally schmoofed you in Halo."

"Man, my dad is such a schmoof."

"I'm positive that Shawn and her schmoofed after the concert. I heard them in the other room."
by Matt Gaskins May 28, 2008
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