when your fart and shit at the same time.
when you are with your friends and one of them farts,and said fart sounds so wet you look at them and ask"did you just schart yourself"
by big e 6996 March 3, 2010
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Gas out of a rectum, and much much more.
"Oh Crap, I just scharted my pants!"
by Tommy May 6, 2005
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A schart is when you fart, but a little crap comes out.
by Dr.UrbanDictionary January 24, 2015
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The Definition of schart is to fart and shit at the same time however schartful essentially means means when you schart and your pants are just over indulging with nastiness.
Oh shit I just Scharted and now my pants are up to the brim in gross schartful waste.
by serebrus January 15, 2009
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