Math rock is a very loosely defined genre of music. The term is hard to describe and often misused. However, one good way to describe it is as a style of rock that has almost no trace of folk or blues, which is the traditional definition of rock. Instead, the sound may have a loose, jazzy-like and spontaneous feeling, in contrast to the direct and compelling sound of blues and folk. At the same time however, the music is also calculated, and instrumental riffs are often based on timed formulas. For example, a guitar riff may repeat a sequence of five quarter-notes over 4/4 time signature, thus giving the listener an overall feeling of chaos, in spite of the riffs rigid structure.
The genre is gaining more influence, especially in the Los Angeles area. Bands like The Blood Brothers, Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, and An Albatross are some of the most famous math rock bands.
by Tyrone Jiggadubz August 8, 2005
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A loose grouping of bands into a genre (but not a specific scene) of varying sounds. All share similar, abstract qualities and most find jazz as an influence. The math rock movement mostly occured during the mid to late 1990s. Bands that can be called math rock include June of 44, Rodan, Polvo, and the 1.6 Band.
Shir, that drummer sounds like he only listens to math rock.
by andrew September 24, 2004
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a band that uses a formula to write a song. Usually referring to bands influenced by Rush, Helmet, King Crimson, etc, which use complicated repeating rhythms, or highly intellecutalized beats based on some kind of math formula.
Dude, those guys are the sons of mathrock with their beats.

Rush wrote a song called YYZ, in which the beat is morse code for YYZ. That IS mathrock.
by octavius April 27, 2004
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by Meh February 14, 2005
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Music that's so technically difficult to play that it sounds like shit to the average listener.
I'm sure this is hard to play, but this Math Rock crap sounds like shit.
by Sethzky September 6, 2008
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Progressive Rock, but with all the blues, feel and groove sucked out of it. Everything is mathematically calculated.
Wow, after hearing Math Rock, I feel like I just listened to a bunch of robots playing music with absolutely no emotion. I think I'll go listen to Gentle Giant now.
by Unplugged Red Piller September 4, 2011
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