Guy that wears girl jeans, small band tee's, white leather belt, uses checker vans or chucks, and some of them wear make up. They have hair that covers one eye and has a lip ring. Scene boys do NOT cut their wrists. They normally listen to metal or hardcore music.
Person 1: Omg!!! scene boys are so hot!!!
Person 2: I know, I love when they kiss other guys!!!
by Matt Devan April 3, 2006
Scene boy simply refers to a boy who is hardcore emo and wears eyeliner and tight pants and has a lipring and has jet black hair that is unkempt looking, and is considerdered "hawt".
Person 1: look at that boy.
Person 2: He is so SCENE!
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 27, 2005
-usually has hair over one eye
-wears black eyeliner and sometimes pink eye shadow
-listens to hardxcore music
-obbsesed with guns,pokemon,space invaders etc.
-wears tight clothing
-very arrogant
that scene boy is so hot in his tight jeans and his skinny pokemon t-shirt
by heartxcore cal March 19, 2007

A guy gets his first piercing and begins growing out his hair and listening to hip scene music, and girls begin to like him more.
Therefore, he listens to more music, grows out his hair more, and gets more piercings.
At this point he's popular and SUPERHAWT and does cool stuff like smoke and go to shows and raves.
Then, after large amounts of hip music and piercings and whatnot, he starts becoming a little more gay. He may also start wearing makeup for extra scene-ness. Girls and most guys become weirded out.
To counteract the gayness, he shaves his head, listens to more xHARDCOREx music and goes straight edge. Then he realizes that he's a douche and nobody likes him, so he grows out his hair again, and the cycle restarts.
timothy: wow, I'm so cool with my tight pants and long hair and makeup!

shawn: dude, not really. You're sooo scene, you're kinda gay now.

timothy: oh shit, I need to shave my head and listen to more manly music and stuff!

shawn: whatever dude, you'll always be a scene boy.
by ind33dlkbkf January 26, 2009
A Boy with black hair that covers half his face, that wears tight girl jeans, wears black eyeliner, wears small tight band tee's or pokemon shirts,lip ring, like's boys and girls, wears checker shoes, likes stars, likes the movie garden state and the nightmare before christmas.
takes pictures of himself with a higher angle.
a trendy emo fuck scene boy who is trendy trendy trendy
by EmoXcoreXdinoXhardcore August 31, 2005
any boy who wears girl pants/tight pants, has his hair over one eye,wears tight and/or button down shirts, is trendy in an "i got this at goodwill" sort of way. Could be gay, could just seem like it. Piercings, while optional,are mainly in the lip if there. listens to music of the "emo", "screamo", random, persuasion.

Most boys at a Coheed and Cambria concert.

"Why are they wearing girl pants?"
-"It's ok, they're scene boys."
by hXc_times_3 November 5, 2005
A boy who has his hair cut in a particular way(scene hair) so he can part it to the left side of his face and colors his hair once a week.He wears girls jeans that can barely fit him and hangs a neon colored bandana out his right back pocket.Wears eyeliner.Wears dinosaur and band tees that are entirely too small.He has either a lip or septum piercing and is usually bisexual.
scene boy:wears my "I Love Dinosaurs" shirt?
scene girl:I dunno.butu can wear my baby sisters!
by Emerson Rose August 17, 2006