John: Hey dude! How's life going for u?
Jay: Um....iono....ok I gtg.
John: Wow you are fucking sawk dude.
by jsmithsmith December 13, 2010
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Socks, just rockstar-er
Rockstar: Did you see my socks?
Normal layman: Yeah, they're not just socks. They're sawks.
by Genevie Poux July 29, 2010
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Similar to suck. Denotes when something is really bad, ie, sucks. Usually preceeded by a 'the' or 'teh'.
Man, soccer is teh sawk.
by zeroSignal June 19, 2005
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1. Iller than sick, sicker than ill, larger than life.Depending on the circumstances of the conversation and subject material, this definition will override the word as the slang for for "suck".
"Yo bro, your new kicks are sawk!"
"It's how I roll gee."
by BlackopsCaramilk October 21, 2008
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