Brendan: Hey Rob, why are you at a 20% in science?
Rob: Because I don't hand in any homework
Brendan: Why?
Rob: Because that's how I roll.
by Brendan Frank Wozniak May 3, 2006
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A completely arbitrary and pathetic way to excuse any sort of behavior. By defining an action or ideal as "how you roll", you make whatever you're describing perfectly acceptable to any and all audiences. After all, it's how you roll.
Girl: Hey, what's wrong with you, grabbing a stranger's boobs in public?
Guy: Sorry, it's just how I roll.
Girl: Okay, that's fine then.
by VAZero January 8, 2008
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What someone would say to insinuate that it was their style, or that it was the way they usually do things.
Yo man so did you already hit it or what?

Yeah, you know that's how I roll.
by Jessicka. July 5, 2006
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1. That's not how I act.

2. That's not what I like.
Man: Hey, you wanna go spank my ass?
Other Man: Whoa dude, that's not how I roll.
by leviathan09 July 18, 2004
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That is how I like to do things.
I know I'm always wearing a bathrobe but that's how I roll.
by Jeremy Y July 6, 2006
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-you always carry around $5000 in cash?
-yeah, that's how i roll

-did you just kick that guy's ass because he looked at your girl?
-you know, that's how i roll
by pugz July 14, 2006
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The phrase used in response to a question you do not know how to answer
"Dude, what the fuck! Joe totally just told me you threw a watermelon at Julie's head on Saturday? Why would you even do that!?"

"That's how I roll,"

"Fair do's,"
by toffeeapple November 19, 2008
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