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1)The act of being so shibby, you no longer need to be recognized for what you say or write. You're just so cool.
2)The act of having no self-esteem OR everybody hates you. So to get ppl to listen to you, you have to make it so that they don't know it's you.
1)My execive Shibbyness is so shibby that I have moved on to the realm of anonymity. SHIBBY!
2) pewrson A: DAMNIT! I used to be really shibby, but now I'm just a douchebag loser... EVERYBODY HATES ME! I guess for anyone to even care about my exsistance, I'll have to succumb to the realm of anonymity... DAMNIT!... THAT DOESN'T WORK!... IF I'M ANONYMOUS, NONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ME ANYWAY.
person B: Yeah, ur right... u suk at life... just go shoot yourself...
also... I did ur mom but her vag was too saggy.
by SHIBBY-ONE March 30, 2005
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I can say "Meow"
I can say "Moo"
Hell, for Twenty-bucks, I'll call him a chickenfucker.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 17, 2005
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.,--^--------,------ -------,----------,---------^--,
.|`|||||||||` `----------'`` ```||========0
.`+---------------------------- -----^-------------|
.`. `/ XXxxXX /`|_`.`/
.`.`/ XXxxXX // ` \,`/
.``/ XXxxXX //\____(
.`/ XXxxXX /
./ XXxxXX /
"BAM!" screams my magnum as it blows some unsuspecting noob Halo 2 player's head right off!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 17, 2005
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DON'T read Nikki's def of lacrosse... She's ignorant... I dunno how the hell them damn brit girls play it but we HARDCORE EASTCOAST LAX MEN sure as hell know how to play a mighty powerful lacrosse game. LACROSSE IS THE ONLY TRUE SPORT!!!
But anyway... I got a REVO-PRO head on a shibby - looking orange DIAMOND PRO shaft which cost me 185$ and has, in my opinion, the best feel for a featherweight D-stick out there, possibly the best feel 4 short-sticks too. My backup-stick is a classic REVO head on a Warrior Krypto-Pro six-footer. DON't MESS WITH LACROSSE AND DON'T MESS WITH LANGLEY! WE'RE GOIN ALL THE WAY BABY! SHIBBY!
Lacrosse is the ultimate sport of all hardcore body-contact sports. It requires extreme skill and GIANT BALLS to play. LAX is undeniably Shibby!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 12, 2005
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originated from me when i walked out of the locker room to show everybody in the hallway my new all-shibby money stick (that's a diamond-pro shaft if you didn't know) and got nailed in the left testicle with a lacrosse ball (thrown by my good friend, the goalie, Mike "I-dont-know-how-to-spell-his-last-name" Moinihan) My left testicle is still bruised and looks quite shrivled... faive day later...
basically what you need to know is that lax-balls (both the hard rubber ones w/ lead cores, and the condition of having your testes popped by a hard rubber ball w/ a lead core) hurt... alot... really... When you play lacrosse... WEAR A CUP!
Mike tried to beam me w/ a ball in the arm, but his stick had more whip than he expected and he sent a TKO to my left nut... now i got lax-balls :(
by SHIBBY-ONE April 14, 2005
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means "cool" in French
also can mean "cold", as in cold hearted or De Sang-Froid means "in cold blood"
I just friggin beat you down de sang-froid!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 14, 2005
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That sour-ish, vinagery-tasting, cabbage food that makes you fart like a geyser.
I just ate a pound of saurkraut. Word Life. Now I have an aura about me that smells of bad.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 17, 2005
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