Satana is a kind person, she has a great smile, and is very smart. She is very athletic and good at sports, she can be very tall or very short. She is very pretty. She is a companion of Satan.
'damn satan is looking cute icl' said satana. YES IM SIMPLE SHUSH
by satana101 ;) November 18, 2020
A female, more stronger, girlboss version of Satan.
For the love of Satana, eat your goddamn food.
by Georgina the raven April 27, 2022
She's cool, friendly and very nice. She's pretty and very smart. Has a great boyfriend and gets treated like a queen. Most likely would end up in a very prestigious school. Is very rich and popular.
Look at her! She looks like a Satanas.

Satanas looks so pretty!
by Marina_#124 January 13, 2021
Latin-Hymn To Satan. Also the title of a song by the symphonic black metal band Emperor off their 1993 album, "In The Nightside Eclipse".
Nu-metal kid-whatcha listening to?

Metal kid-Inno A Satana by Emperor. It's true black metal. Hail Satan.

Nu-metal kid-d00d, Slipkn0t is the blackest of tr00 black metulz! You should check them out!

Metal kid-Yeahhhhhhh...I'll get around to that.
by DeathToJesus March 1, 2010
System of time based around the number 9. Primarily used by the Church of Satan. Commonly abbreviated A.S.
Barack Obama was elected president in XLIII Annos Satanas.
by E5150 August 29, 2009
The best Romanian youtuber. He has a band of rap named bazooka along with his best friend Echo.
Overall a funny guy but he posts extremely rarely on his you tube channel, so if u see him post 4-5 videos in few days, don't expect another video from him in the next 2 months
Did u sa what Codrin Bradea: Satana has posted?
Yea man, i died of laughter!
by Yatto69 April 25, 2022
This word means evil, lying, infectious, and often associated with worms, parasites .. when someone is said to be with satan, is considered to be a failure.

satanas and lucifer are variant of this loser worm.

Never call someone from this filthy name.. no human being deserve be associated with this worm and parasite.
It doesn't have intelligence and it is filthy, sick the worst kind of infection on our world .
Never use cap locks to write the name of this worm , it usually reproduce themselves in pigs and rats.... but don't worry if pigs and rats have this kind of infection they will die soon .The best way on avoid this disease is be upright and be with Lord Jesus Christ because His blood is the cure for this parasite.
satanas,satan,lucifer filthy
by Wolf of J. October 25, 2011