A successful Youtuber/Blogger who has over 40,000 subscribers to his channel. Best known for his satirical and quirky humour.
Guy: Dude gay people don't deserve to get married

Gay guy: Hey watch this video "why gay marriage is WRONG"
by tyler oakley. I think you'll like it

*watches video*

Guy:whoa...I'm an moronic asshole
by RainbowNinja July 6, 2009
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Tyler Oakley is a 24 year old American youtuber and he describes himself as a professional fangirl, but he is so much more than that. As of now, Tyler has 3.5 million subscribers on youtube! He's incredibly tech-savvy (as in he knows how to work that social media to get followers and likes and views) and super funny. Tyler is shipped with Troye Sivan. He is (was?) also a huge fan of One Direction but a few days ago there was a twitter blow-up in which Liam called Tyler "not a real fan". Tyler is everything. Note: his fandom does not yet have a name.
Everything that comes out of Tyler Oakley's mouth is golden.
by Carolina Alverez January 26, 2014
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Tyler Oakley is a sassy queen on youtube with a lot of subscribers... Most of the viewers ship Tyler with Troye Sivan, also known as Troyler. He is a total fangirl.
Do you like Tyler Oakley?
Obvs, he is the sassy queen...
by Jano5sosTroylerlover November 30, 2014
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God himself, aka everyones dad (especially Troye Sivan's)
Every night I pray to Tyler Oakley
by underated optimist December 30, 2015
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A successful young, gay, Youtuber who makes videos addressing improtant things such as gay marrige, friendship and being yourself.
Tyler Oakley: "I literally can not even"
by Callmejoan April 10, 2015
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a nigga that got slayed and kicked out of the One Direction fandom by Liam Payne.
"Oh shit, did you hear about Tyler Oakley"

You just got Tyler Oakleyfied.
by liamslays January 19, 2014
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Tyler Oakley is a yotuber that has been a gay icon almost since e started. He has raised over 1 million us dollars for the Trevor project which helps the gay youth. With 7, almost 8 million subscribers has written own book, made a documentary called snervous, and just did The Amazing Race with his friend Corey. He has also won a teen choice awards, hosted interviews at the Grammys with NBC, got to meet one direction, and has made multiple appearances on other web shows. He has done so much that cant even say it a in one paragraph:)

Tyler Oakley is queen
by sshine6 January 8, 2016
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