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(can also be spelled "sarlaac")

The huge sand monster from the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, that Jabba the Hutt tried to feed Han Solo and Luke Skywalker to. The creature is always stationary, lying in wait in its sand pit with its toothy lamprey-like mouth just sticking out, ready to swallow any careless human or animal that tumbles and slips down the sand pit. Tentacles surrounding the mouth grab whatever human or creature they sense nearby and then pull the helpless meal down the Sarlacc's maw. Once the person or creature is swallowed by the monster, he/she/it will undergo a new destination of pain and suffering as he/she/it is slowly digested over 1000 years.

The term "Sarlacc" can also be used to describe any vagina that has a wider diameter than the average diameter of any known vagina. Kinda like the female counterpart of a chode.
1. If Satan was a woman, then her vagina would probably look like a Sarlacc monster.

2. When I was getting laid with my girlfriend, I realized that my penis couldn't fit in tightly because she had a Sarlacc. I could however, fit my whole hand into the wider-than-average vagina, therefore providing her with intense orgasming pleasure, as her G-spot was so goddamn easy to access.
by Mark H September 11, 2004
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In a porn when a man is pounding a girl in the ass and then quickly pulls out, a cavernous hole is created where you can see deeply inside the girls ass. The man then quickly spits into the hole, which generally causes the anus to have a short, twitch like contraction. It is similar to the desert monster in Star Wars Episode VI, which gobbles up villians the same way a capacious asshole swallows spit.
Bro, I was slamming this girl in the ass, pulled out, and totally sarlacced that ass!
by Frosty2369 July 20, 2014
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