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A political activist who unintentionally receives free advertising for their cause and becomes famous because their opponents rage loudly about them all over the internet.
Look at all those furious rants about Alex's videos! I bet she's going to be the next Sarkeesian with all the free attention she's getting!
by Wasabitz January 08, 2014
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Picking out the most outrageous retorts to an argument and ignoring the rational ones in order to paint all opposers in a harsh light.

Named after radical feminist Anita Sarkeesian for the way she famously advertises personal attacks against her for publicity and sympathy, yet chooses not to respond to real criticisms or editorials directed at her.
I know Bob just insulted your mother, but if you'd stop being so sarkeesian and listen to my well thought out argument, you'd realize tuna sandwiches are objectively bad.
by Bulk Slabchest March 18, 2013
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