3 definitions by Church of Kek

When someone looses there shit just because someone they dislike is around.
When Anita saw Sargon sitting there she had a sarkeesian meltdown
by Church of Kek July 4, 2017
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AuthoriNihilistic a person that is authoritarian and Nihilistic a rare form of Psychopathic sadism.
Hitler and Stalin were both Authorinihilistic in that they took pleasure killing millions of people slowly and felt it didnt matter and since life didnt matter they wanted everyone to die.
by Church of Kek May 12, 2017
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when your a man and you exist as a form of harassment.
When Sargon was sitting quietly in his seat Anita felt harassed by his manxisting.
by Church of Kek June 30, 2017
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