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Beware this girl can make you fall at first sight. Her sweetness and beauty is breathtaking and unresistable. She's slim, athletic, not too tall, has long hair, has big gorgeous eyes with this great charisma. You should never take advantage of how much she cares about you because she is one in a million. She may seem nice & shy at times but if you get to know her she's funny & crazy. Her shyness tends to attract the guys. When you talk to her she'll always be there for you no matter what, she listens to what you have to say & make you feel like you're the most important person on earth. If you don't make an effort to talk to her she won't either. It's 50/50, she likes to be fair. She's smart, independent, productive, and hard working. When it comes to relationships she's honest, loving, loyal, reliable, trusting & caring. If you hurt her once that's the end for you she'll never forget no matter how hard she'll try. She might have secret crushes but why wouldn't she? with all the guys trying to steal her heart. Even though she has a big heart, don't get on her bad side because you'll wish you'd never met her. Sarelys have the tendency to keep feelings to themselves or closest friends. Its common for them to miss opportunities by not letting that crush know how she really might take years to let you know. What matters to her is that she tells you. If you don't do anything to let her know you care, she'll give up on you. Either way she'll appreciate your friendship.
Awee how cute, she's such a sarely. Sweetheart
by _2000 February 16, 2014
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