A two girls eat pussy together because they gay and fun!!!
"you sapphic ass cunt" aka also known as tooby
by davecumstaine November 24, 2022
When someone of the female gender is head over heels for someone of the same sex.
I'm such a sapphic idiot for my crush because I get so awkward when I try to talk to her.
by Impasabear August 10, 2022
When a girl sees another girl she finds so attractive she loses the ability to breath
Luz turns to Willow
Luz:"Oh my, is Amity Okay"
Willow:"Yeah, she's just Sapphicating"
(Characters used in this example are from the Disney series 'The Owl House' created by Dana Terrace
by CT-7205 December 30, 2022
FLETCHER caused sapphic chaos with Becky’s So Hot and the breakup curse which followed.
by FLETCHER4EVA October 13, 2022
Someone whose attraction is not limited to women, but who finds themselves attracted to or in relationships with women more often than not.

Not to be confused with 'serial lesbian', pretty sure that one has something to do with serial killing.
"Oh, she's bi but she rarely dates men. Guess she's a serial sapphic."
by missinginaction66 October 9, 2021
A Sapphic Turner is a sapphic that has so much power they can turn any non-man into a sapphic.
An example of a Sapphic Turner is Chloe Moriondo.
June: Omg Sammy did you hear that Chloe Moriondo is a Sapphic Turner ?
Sammy: Yeah !! they turned me into a sapphic !!!
June: NO WAY ME TOO !!
by peachesnsoftgrass August 13, 2021