An adjective for a female-aligned person who feels romantic or sexual attraction to female-aligned people. This applies to female-aligned people who are not only lesbians, but also bisexual, pansexual, etc.
"I'm a women in love with another women, therefore I'm sapphic."

"Hayley Kiyoko has written songs about her loving girls, so she's sapphic."
by somewhatcimmerian March 16, 2017
an adjective used to describe a woman or a woman-aligned person who is attracted to other women or women-aligned people. it’s an umbrella term that originates from the name of Sappho, a famous sapphic poet from the 7th and 6th century BCE.
that girl was definitely sapphic, did you see the way she was flirting with me?
by starice June 15, 2021
there's not one heterosexual bone in mamamoo all the girls are sapphic
by hetscanperish February 22, 2021
Literally of or for Sappho. Lesbian/ism.
The two girls enjoyed the delights of sapphic lovemaking.
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
non men who feel romantic or sexual attraction to non men. this applies to all non men who like non men, not only lesbians but also bisexuals, pansexuals, etc
i like men and women, i am sapphic!

i am a nonbinary person and i love women and nonbinary people!! i am sapphic
by genshintommy July 18, 2021
Sapphic is an umbrella term for women or non men who love women/non men. someone who is sapphic could be bisexual, pansexual, lesbian etc it comes from the poet Sappho who was a lesbian
i’m a lesbian
“oh i’m a sapphic too! i’m bisexual!”
by blondelesbian January 5, 2022
not one heterosexual bone all of mamamoo are sapphic
by hetscanperish February 22, 2021