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Sandpiping is a sexual act involving anal penetrationand including sand in some way. There are three known ways to sandpipe. None are reccomended.

1.dipping your wet penis in sand or a dry penis in wet sand or a bit of both and then having anal sex.This is the least dangerous form of sandpiping and the most common.

2.covering your penis in hot glue then dipping it in sandand proceeding to have anal sex. This is the second most dangerous form of sandpiping.

3.glueing sandpaper to your penis and then proceeding to have anal sex. This is the most dangerous form of sandpiping. It is extremely rare, there has only been one known case and it resulted in the death of bot particiants

Sandpiping is extremely painful often for both people but especially for the reciever.The main goal of sandpiping is to create as much blood as possible.though much research has been done into the subject no-one can find any way anyone could possibly get any pleasure out of this. In fact there is only one person who openly claims to both practice and enjoy it and he knows who he is.

1."Man thats a nice ass im gonna sandpipe her/him"

2."get the glue gun im ready for some sandpiping"
by HIghlandr October 28, 2006
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